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About album
The first album of Petr Jasinčuk, known as The Brumlista, is a collection of his own work based on extraordinary experiences of his life.
The listener is guided throw time sequences from ancient times over to the present time.
This album was recorded in Kladno (CZ) with Jaroslav Trejbal´s care and Studio Dimenze.
The city of Slaný is a sponsor of this project.

Released 2020


Intro (clip)

Ambient. Length: 1:57

Shaman. Length: 4:02

Meditative. Length: 2:48

Tranzd. Length: 2:59

Eleteku. Length: 4:03

Lowc. Length: 4:28

Toutiky. Length: 5:03

Techno. Length: 3:29

Smejkalka. Length: 3:52

Tentei. Length: 3:52

Waltz. Length: 3:27

The Breath of Time - 11 -Tentei

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