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learning to play the jaw harp

What is an online lesson?

The opportunity to learn to play in the form of online coaching, through available online services. All this from the comfort of your home or office. We will go over the basic techniques, learn them in detail and always set up training plans that we agree on together. The length of the course is up to you. The minimum recommended length is 3 lessons of 60 minutes (not mandatory).

Who is Online learning for?

  • Everyone has a jaw harp that is usable for playing.

  • If you don't have a jaw harp, I'll help you choose one.

  • You are a complete beginner.

  • You already know how to play, but you need to improve your technique.

  • You try to fit a jaw harp into your music projects.

  • You want to play to the notes (you don't have to want to play to them).

  • You want to be able to keep the rhythm.

  • You want to understand more about a jaw harp.

  • You want to direct the use of a jaw harp as a shamanic tool.


Techniques and rhythms

  • posture of body

  • grip a jaw harp

  • press a jaw harp on tooths

  • triggering

  • intonation - basic, advanced, combination

  • beat techniques (basic and advanced, beat coloring) 

  • The Four Layers of a jaw harp  

    • respiratory

    • plucked  

    • tonal  

    • percussive


  • tremolo

  • vibrato (front of tongue, throat/root of tongue, diaphragm)

  • echo

  • fade in, fade out

  • and many others

  • I teach the basics of playing in 3/4, 4/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8 and other rhythms.

How does it work?

  • First, we will check for free that you have suitable equipment (see what is needed).

  • The introductory lesson is an introductory one, where we determine common goals.

  • The introductory lesson is about the essential basics of playing the jaw harp.

  • I will walk you through every technique that is necessary for the next job.

  • At the end of each lesson, I will suggest what and how to train.

  • We will arrange another date.

  • In the next lesson, we will look at your home training and together we will evaluate how it went. Alternatively, we will analyze what and why it did not work. All in a gentle and kind way.

  • If you cannot join the lesson, cancellation 24 hours in advance or more applies. Otherwise, you pay a 100% cancellation fee. I have to book a time. I have to have time just for you.

  • We make payments in advance. Ideally, at least 3 working days in advance to the account.


What is needed and what equipment?

  • On my side is professional audio and video hardware including fast internet.

  • You must have fast internet. I recommend at least 5Mbit upload and 5Mbit download. Can be verified in advance.

  • The minimum equipment is a modern smartphone that has a quality video camera and sound.

  • The ideal equipment is a computer with a sound card, an external microphone, earphones or headphones, a quality webcam with a zoom function.

  • I use the program Google Duo, or other video services.


Order a free consultation

  • by email to (subject: online VIP) + your idea of the number of lessons and the course.

  • by phone at  +420 725 647 564

  • Messenger/WhatsUP

  • price for worlwide clients 40EUR for 60 minutes

  • discounts for regular clients - every 6th lesson is free

  • in the following calendar you can select free consultations online via the website

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