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Brumle is an instrument interesting not only for its sound, but also for its history

Lectures and programs for schools

I am happy to share my many years of experience from the world of humming with others. Whether in their workshops, which are mainly for those who want to learn to play this special instrument, or with a wider audience who are interested in more information about the rich history.


I most often organize lectures in schools for which I have prepared a special program. It focuses on drug prevention, motivation to learn, planning, bullying and cyberbullying. In addition to the lecture on hummingbirds, there is, of course, a demonstration of the hummingbird game (concert) and a subsequent discussion.

The optimal room for the presentation is the projector and screen.

The program is suitable for primary school students and its length is 90 minutes. Price 5000CZK + shipping. Due to complications regarding government measures, it is possible to divide the discussion into classes and agree on individual prices. Estimated number of students 30-120.


Contact me!

If you are interested in a lecture on murmurs with a concert to school or anywhere else,

contact me and we will fine-tune the details together.

Petr Jasinčuk

+420 725 647 564

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