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Sweat huts or also initipis

An ancient ritual of rebirth, therapy and purification of body and spirit.

All this and something more is a sweat lodge in my presentation.


Sweat lodge for the Czechs

Four wheels dedicated to the four elements, Czech songs, wishes and forgiveness, imagination.


Introductory sharing  - who you are, who you are and what you come with.

Preparing a sweat lodge together is a pleasant bonding ritual. Preparation of the sweat lodge itself, wood, preparation of the feast.

Lighting a fire  - we bring stones and wood together. We bring intentions and wishes. What we don't need will burn in the fire.

Even before we enter the sweat hut , we purify ourselves with the smoke of sage and the healing rhythm of the shaman's drum.


Fireman _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ tends the fire and brings in hot stone brothers every round.


Sweat lodge

Earth - we connect to Mother Earth and together we sing a song for her. Subsequently, we send her wishes and prayers.

Air  - in this round we connect with the ancestors through emotional imaginations and song, trying to straighten our relationships with those who are no longer here.

Water  - guided by imagination and song, we open even more and let our masks float away and dissolve.

Fire  - the final round brings us to our creative potential. To our sexuality and our traumas. We close the last round with songs and wishes for us personally.


A safe environment

despite the constant presence of hot stones, darkness and small space, it is a safe method. All adepts have enough information and the option to leave at any time. The place is secured both materially and spiritually.

What exactly is it?

An ancient method that teaches us authenticity helps to balance relationships in the family and relationships with each other.

How it looks?

A dome-shaped structure made of rods and sails, with a hole in the ground for stones in the middle. One entrance, through which the four of us enter and also leave. It is dark, damp and warm, and relatively little space and comfort. It's not a wellness stay ;)

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In case of questions or interest in arranging a sweat lodge, write to me.

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