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Where did I play and where did I appear in the media? What do the graduates of my courses say?


Thank you to everyone who knew me and thanks to me even the game of hum. I believe that in the future you will be more and more! On this page you can read the reviews of the workshops and also look at other audio and visual materials from the concerts.

Personal references of participants

I attended a workshop with Brumlista and thanks to that she understood several things: 1. that what I have played so far was not a bumblebee :) 2. that the bumblebee can be played in a way that is really audible and 3. that the breath outside, that keeps me alive can literally conjure up amazing sounds in conjunction with the hum. I also like Peter's way of explaining - clear and understandable. Even those who start bumbling feel that it is really possible to learn to play it after a while, even though a while ago he felt that the strange piece of iron could grind his tooth enamel as much as possible. I definitely recommend the workshop for me.


Concerts and music recordings

You have already seen Brumlist at these concerts and festivals: Freeze fest - Libušín , Folklore festival Tuchlovická pouť - Tuchlovice, Nenkovický Vůdštok - Nenkovice, Global Chill-out - Křtiny, Brno, Busking Fest - Plzeň, Juggling - Plzeň, Didgeridoo v jeskyni - Christening, Spring Sunshine, Ancient Trance Festival - Taucha (DE).

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