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Petr Jasinčuk

About Brumlista

I am the founder of the Czech community of Jaw Harpists, known as the Spolek Brumlistů. I founded the portal, which serves as a beacon and a port of call for new and already active Jaw Harpists. 

Mlha a příroda

My "missions"

I try to promote this spiritual tool for its simplicity and its charm in every possible way. Firstly, through my projects Brumlista, Nigunatica, and Meditation with the Jaw Harp and drum, then through workshops for beginners and intermediate players, private lessons on the Jaw Harp, as well as through day-long intensive seminars for more advanced players and lectures focused on a general overview of the Jaw Harp from its origins to the near future. As icing on the cake, special seminars for primary schools focus on drug prevention, motivation for learning, and cooperation.

My story

My first Jaw Harp was one of those cheap ones from music stores. I'm sure you know it well. More of a toy than a real musical instrument. It was a gift, and that's when it began my journey as a Jaw Harpist

I started playing it by myself without any help. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and read dozens of websites dedicated to the subject. I was dogged and determined to completely excel with this instrument. That's when I discovered an "inner teacher" to help me face new challenges. It's a state of mind, a kind of expanded inner space where I can develop a new kind of "program" or skill. This inner teacher also helps me in teaching my students. I observe them carefully and advise them very accurately and effectively on how to improve their technique, what and where to improve, or what and how not to do.


This insight is the key to my advanced techniques. It is an integral part of my process of transferring know-how to students. I try to resonate with them through my senses and consciousness.

I am inspired by the following masters with whom I have had the privilege of sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience. These include Jonathan Cope, Vladiswar Nadishana, Vladimir Markov, and Áron Szilágyi. 


Thank you to everyone who has helped, supported, and continues to give me fresh energy on my journey to become a Brumlista.


Your Brumlista,


Petr Jasinčuk


My music

In 2020, I released the solo album The Breath of time. You can listen to a professionally recorded album on most quality music platforms. You can also order a physical media also called a CD. ( write about him )

I thank Studio Dimenze and Jard Trejbal + the Royal City of Slaný for their support.

The graphics for the album were created by Jakub Houba Řidký and you can see the creation of the cover in the time collection below.

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